I have theories. For instance, those who tell lies a lot don’t realize people can see right through them. Often people are not talking with each other, but rather their perspectives are talking at each other. I implemented my theory about secrets — secrets rarely stay hidden — when writing my paranormal romance, Secrets, book one in my Fierce Hearts series.

Here’s the blurb:

With her penchant for premonitions, Michelle Slade has always had trouble connecting with other people, and a horrific attack five years ago only made her isolation worse. But working to help defenseless animals with her rescue organization, Cats Alive, has given her new purpose and joy in life. When several homeless cats start vanishing into thin air, she’s determined to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Casey Mitchell has always kept his private identity as a were-lynx secret. But he’s drawn to Michelle, and when he begins to help investigate the odd circumstances surrounding the cats’ disappearance, he uncovers a powerful businessman’s diabolic designs on the unassuming woman.

Now both he and Michelle are in grave danger, and their survival depends on trusting each other with secrets they believe must not come out. Will these two lonely souls triumph and find true love … or lose everything?

We all have secrets, or beliefs we are compelled to hide for fear of something. But keeping parts of us safely hidden can be a silent torture, a constant stress to prevent revelation of who we truly are and what we’ve been through. I’m not going to ask you to reveal a private part of you, but please share something you carried deep inside you for years and have learned to embrace and bring it out into the world. How did embracing it affect you?

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