Unstoppable, Book 5 in my Fierce Hearts series, brings a conclusion to the story of the were-lynxes who have inhabited my life. From Secrets to Cravings, Heartfelt, Probabilities, and now Unstoppable, the stories have put the colony of were-cats in position to face a variety of dangers. While finding their true loves, the lynxes have battled The Nexus Group, a group of powerful and influential individuals determined to destroy them, over and over, trying to preserve for themselves and the humans in the world they know. Throughout all the threats of death and discovery, the were-lynxes have proven themselves survivors.

We all admire survivors. I think one reason is because even the Polyannas among us an understanding that life, though beautiful, is hard. It’s unpredictable. Sometimes it feels as though there is no ground to stand on. No one to help us. Some of us cave under duress and some of us persevere.

Living among humans, the were-lynx colony members must blend. They know that humans believe anything “different” is bad, a threat to human survival, so the were-cats live under the stress of keeping their true identities secret. Although they have keen senses and preternatural abilities, they still struggle like humans with personal wounding and day-to-day living. Together they form a family of sorts, and in their bonds, they find strength and help. Even so, they get hurt, they suffer loss, and they feel helpless to eliminate The Nexus Group.

In Unstoppable, beautiful and smart heroine Lara Monroe is brought face to face with a painful past in which she was molested. Though powerful, sexy hero Booker Chase is broken inside as a result of his stint in Afghanistan. But as survivors, Lara and Booker tap into their abilities and tackle their problems with elegance, remaining true to their ideals in the face of horrors created by TNG.

But just as the other members of the colony, Lara and Booker have much to live for. They find strength in themselves to face the pain and seek healing. To believe in a better life, and let hope guide them. They don’t give up and they don’t stop trying until they get their happy ending.

It’s what survivors do.